New Track Release: ‘Follow Me Down’ – PatrickReza

LA-based producer PatrickReza returns with a brand new single titled ‘Follow Me Down,’ an upbeat House track released just in time for the weekend.

The track leads with high-tempo electro beats fronted by an unnamed female vocalist inviting us to follow her down. Where to, you ask? We soon find out where, right at the 1-minute mark as the beat immediately and seamlessly drops into a rabbit hole of deep, bouncy basslines supported by a glitchy, high-pitched sample of the aforementioned vocalist saying “down” repeatedly; the last word she utters before stepping into chaos. All the while, ‘Follow Me Down’ features familiar PatrickReza sounds and the high energy that is characteristic of many of his older songs. After a short break, the beat quickly builds back up and then transitions into another mind-bending drop.

‘Follow Me Down’ is the perfect precursor to your weekend night on the town. I picture myself jamming this song in my car as a head downtown to meet up with friends for some partying. Listen to the song below and be sure to check out some of PatrickReza’s older tracks which are nicely organized on his website.

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