New Music Video: ‘We Were Here’ – Lights

The multi-talented Canadian artist Valerie Anne Poxleitner — a.k.a. Lights — has released a new video for her song ‘We Were Here’ off her newest album Skin&Earth. This makes ‘We Were Here’ the 5th track on the record to receive a video.

If you were a fan of the connected story between the videos for ‘Skydiving’ and ‘Savage’, then you will be happy to find that the story continues with ‘We Were Here’. If ‘Skydiving’ is about newfound love, and if ‘Savage’ was a portrayal of the anguish following heartbreak, then ‘We Were Here’ is the retribution that follows. In this newest installment, Lights’ character can be seen preparing something sinister with the help of a familiar friend (this is the same silver-haired friend in the video for ‘Giants’). The tone of the video is a mixture of celebration and rebellion as the female duo gallivants through the city at night with a mission in mind. Supplemented by the song’s uplifting chorus and dancey hip-hop beats, Lights’ character is letting us know that she is moving on from her lost love and that she is ready to burn the past to the ground.

While there are 5 videos released so far for these album tracks, the 3 mentioned above seem to have the most apparent connection. Lights has, in fact, released an entire graphic novel with this album. Watch the video for  ‘We Were Here’ below and be sure to listen to the entire album Skin&Earth.

Also be sure to check out the videos for ‘Skydiving’ and ‘Savage’ which precede the one above:

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