New Music: Top 5 Favorite Track Releases This Week [2/4/18 – 2/9/18]

Darci – ‘At Least’

I’ve discovered Darci for the first time through this song and learned that they are a hip-hop duo comprised of a vocalist and a producer. Since then I’ve listened to everything currently on their Soundcloud page. This particular song is probably the most electronic-sounding, as opposed to the rest of their catalog which features more hip-hop/r&b-leaning production. Still, ‘At Least’ channels this duo’s r&b spirit with the vocalist staying true to his melancholy tone, lyrics, and flow. The vocals are backed by ambient electronic synths and a trance-like melody.

With the release of this song, they have also announced that they’ll be releasing even more music this year. Hopefully that will include an album or an EP. Until then they have plenty of tracks to hold you over. ‘Life’ is another favorite song of mine by them, and I am hoping to hear more songs that are more electronic like ‘At Least’.

Just A Gent – ‘404’

Just A Gent is no stranger to me. I first caught wind of him two years ago with his remix of Alison Wonderland’s ‘U Don’t Know’ which turned the song into an emotionally substantial EDM banger. Despite how good that track was, I didn’t think I’d hear much of him in the near future. A year later, after releasing various singles and remixes, he released an EP titled, Stories To Tell which was very enjoyable and made me realize that this guy was to be taken seriously. Today, Just A Gent officially released ‘404’, which has convinced me that we will be hearing from him for awhile.

‘404’ is a somewhat grimy bass track that starts out with some Twilight Zone-esque keyboard work leading into a deep and wholesome bassline. Soon after, the beat builds up and then drops into otherworldliness as distorted bass synths lead into some very wet, alien-like sounds. The song carries on like this for the rest of its three-minute duration, and never once did I want it to end. Judging by the album art, otherworldliness is exactly what he was going for, and he nailed it!

As an honorable mention, Just A Gent also released another track today which is a remix of Kill Paris’ song ‘Red Lights (feat. Dotter)’. Be sure to listen to that song as well. It’s a lot more melodic than ‘404’.

Deadman x Petey Mac – ‘Good In LA (Feat. President)’

This is the only track I’ve heard by Deadman and Petey Mac (and the featured vocalist President), but I think it’s a super fun track that would fit great in a DJ set or a hype mix. The track starts with some fast-paced House beats and then randomly drops into an uber wobbly Dubstep beat somewhere in the middle of the song. This part gives me goosebumps every time and is the main reason I enjoy it. Hearing it live would be amazing!

Marshmello, Anne-Marie – ‘FRIENDS’

I have a soft spot for Marshmello. Ever since hearing Mija drop his song ‘Find Me’ at a music festival a couple years ago I was enthralled by his minimal Trap beats. This was also before he revealed his physical identity complete with an oversized helmet and happy-go-lucky image. Since taking on his physical identity I watched as he slowly gravitated towards watered down Pop productions and probably left many of his original fans behind. Despite all of this, I still got excited whenever I saw that he released a new track. Sadly, much of the time I am left somewhat disappointed, especially after his mainstream hit, ‘Wolves (feat. Selena Gomez)’.

This morning I woke up and was surprised to see a new release from Marshmello and Anne-Marie titled ‘FRIENDS’. I wasted no time throwing it on and listening intently with no real expectations of what I would hear. Fortunately, I was happy to find that this track was very tasteful to my ears. ‘FRIENDS’ feels much less like a kids song; Anne-Marie adds flare with her badassery and Marshmello’s bassy production compliments her perfectly. Marshmello has redeemed himself in my eyes with this one and I am curious to see what he does next. Despite my disappointment in him sometimes, he does occasionally creates something for his day-one fans. Also, I understand that I am in no place to demand that an artist creates things a certain way, but as a fan, I am allowed to have an opinion.

Kai Wachi – ‘MUD (feat. Macntaj)’

Kai Wachi has been on a roll lately. He just released his epic EP Die Young four months ago (complete with a hard-hitting, Soundcloud exclusive bonus track), began his U.S. tour (which I attended in Portland not long ago), and now has just released a new single, ‘MUD (feat. Macntaj)’. Kai Wachi is known for his heavy Dubstep and Hybrid Trap beats that are usually infused with hip-hop and rap vocals. This track does not stray too far from this formula, although it is unique in its own right.

‘MUD’ starts off almost how you’d expect given the style Kai Wachi’s established in his latest EP. Rapper Macntaj leads the song over a growling bassline with some aggressive bars. The beat soon builds and then drops into an unexpectedly mild bass change tinged with some experimental synths that are characteristic of Kai Wachi. The song gets really interesting around the halfway mark when the beat transitions into a low temp piano outro that lasts an entire two-minutes! All the while, Macntaj continues to lend his vocals over the piano, and even he seems much more chilled out in contrast to the opening of the song. ‘MUD’ demonstrates an exciting refinement in Kai Wachi’s production as he proves that he can do both heavy and melodic music on a whim. I’ve been a fan of Kai Wachi for a few years after hearing some remixes he did for Dabin, so it’s been enjoyable seeing the evolution of this artist. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this bass-music hero.

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