New Song/Video: ‘Alibi’ – Krewella

The sisterly electronic duo Krewella just simultaneously released a song and video titled, ‘Alibi’. This marks the 5th song they’ve released since dropping their EP New World Pt. 1 in late 2017, which means Pt. 2 must be just around the corner! Krewella’s New World Tour appears to be drawing to an end. The new video is mostly comprised of tour footage with scenes of the sisters rapping and singing in various urban settings.

The song itself uses the same ‘ride or die’ trope Krewella has used throughout their New World Pt. 1 EP. The lyrics can be interpreted as undying loyalty to their fans, to a lover, or between the sisters themselves. Whatever you get yourself into, they’ll be your alibi. The beat starts with swelling dark synths that give off a sinister impression at first, but backed by the sisters’ Pop vocals, the song soon builds up and is fully realized as an uplifting Dancehall track. The video takes us through neon-lit cities and concert footage before finally cutting to a scene of an apparently oblivious Yasmine playing a somber tune on the piano. At the last second Yasmine suddenly realizes there’s someone behind her and a vulnerable, awkwardly endearing moment ensues.

Watch the video for ‘Alibi’ below.


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