New Song/Video: ‘Church’ – Alison Wonderland

Alex Sholler a.k.a. Alison Wonderland is back from her happy place to deliver another single from her highly anticipated album Awake. And to accompany the new song, Alex has simultaneously released a video for as well.

‘Church’ stands almost in stark contrast to her previously released single ‘Happy Place’, which was a little more upbeat and rowdy. With that said, it took me a few listens to really understand the vibe Alex is going for in ‘Church’, and I must say it is indeed a very spiritual song. Quite frankly, it FMUOASL.

Alison Wonderland spends the first few lines of the song defending herself against attacks on her character while gradually building into her hook where she eloquently declares “…You better treat me like church”. Basically, Alison Wonderland is demanding some well-deserved respect! Whether this is aimed at critical fans or a past boyfriend, ‘Church’ is mostly an anthem about retaining self-respect in the face of criticism. While the lyrics are relatively simple the song itself is full of honesty and confidence. This doesn’t stray far from her hit song ‘U Don’t Know’ which describes the feeling of being in an abusive, controlling relationship. Of course, being a bass music fan, my favorite aspect of this song are the deep, subtle bass synths in the background of the chorus. You may need good headphones to hear them, but you’ll know what I mean.

The video for ‘Church’ — a tad unsurprisingly — begins with Alison Wonderland in a church sitting in a chair on stage. She looks fed up yet relaxed, which resonates well with the message in her lyrics. Alison Wonderland stands up and begins walking towards the camera just as the hook comes around; all the while a choir of girls can be seen singing and dancing along to her lyrics in the background. To me, her choice of using an all female choir further accentuates the sense of empowerment she is trying to convey. After a cool transition Alison Wonderland can be seen stepping into a station wagon with her choir. The backdrop of this scene features colorful, celestial FX which further the spiritual element of the song. The scene transitions one last time to the troop of girls running down the street towards the camera passionately singing the final iteration of the chorus.

‘Church’ marks the 2nd single to be released for Alison Wonderland’s album Awake. Alex gave fans a surprise last week when she dropped the album art for Awake on social media:

Watch the new video for ‘Church’ below!

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