New Music Video: ‘Stars’ – Marshmello

Currently trending at #8 on YouTube, Marshmello is back with a video for ‘Stars’, the first song to appear on his Sophomore album Joytime II.

In this video, Marshmello is seen admiring and cheering for a group of soccer players displaying some impressive skills out on the court. At one point the ball flies towards Marshmello, who has one chance to show off his own skills for the group, and he fails miserably. The ball proceeds to fly over a fence which causes the soccer players to reluctantly pack up and leave.

A demoralized Marshmello then heads home and is inspired to seek training from his father after discovering he was once a soccer-playing legend. After what seems like weeks of arduous training, Marshmello is ready to return to the court. He encounters the same group of soccer players and marvelously demonstrates his new found skills.

In the YouTube comments for this video, Marshmello says, “This video is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.” The message is simple but clearly resonates with his overall campaign of positivity and perseverance, which is a great message to convey to his massive, international following of both children and adults.

This is the second video for Joytime II, the first being for the song ‘Flashback’. Watch the video for ‘Stars’ below:

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