Top 5 EDM Song Releases This Week [12/30 – 1/5]

This is a round-up of EDM songs released over the past week that in my opinion are worthy of spotlighting!

SWARM – ‘Pretend’

On New Year’s day, Florida-based producer Brandon Carroll finally released his EP This Is The End under his artist name SWARM. If you don’t know already, SWARM has been turning heads lately with his special brand of nightmarish, heavy-hitting mid-tempo tunes, and This Is The End represents a culmination of Carroll’s dark vision. After a few listens of the EP, one track that constantly stood out to me was ‘Pretend’. I love this track because, not only does it contain one of the heaviest drops on the EP, but it’s also the most representative of the album’s sinister tone, in my opinion.

This Is The End is a cinematic and thematic body of work that is attempting to tell a story. With that being said, my feelings towards ‘Pretend’ are probably best understood by listening to the EP from front to back. If you’re curious to know my thoughts on the EP as a whole, be sure to check out the review I wrote for it. Listen to ‘Pretend’ below, and make sure you stay for the heavy metal-esque drop after the second half of the song:

Seven Lions x Trivecta x Wooli x Nevve – ‘Island’

Out of the several new songs that were released at the end of the week, one shining beacon of melodic brilliance that stood out to me was Seven Lions’ insane collaboration with Nevve, Trivecta, and Wooli titled ‘Island’. Seven Lions continues to impress with his shimmering melodic drops, and the one featured at the beginning of ‘Island’ reminds me why Seven Lions is still king of this particular art.

One trend that I’ve noticed Seven Lions doing lately is collaborating with artists who have very differing styles, and the end product is usually a chimera-type song where it starts off with one distinct genre and then switches to a completely different one in the next drop. An example of this is the song ‘Cold Hearted’, which he did with Kill The Noise. The song that he released this week with Trivecta and Wooli is a new example of this little trend. ‘Island’ starts off with a beautiful melodic bass drop (Seven Lions’ fingerprints are all over it), only to be followed by a much grimier Riddim-infused Dubstep drop soon after, which I can only assume was tailored by Wooli. I’m still not really sure where Trivecta’s hand is in this, but I am a fan of some of the previous work he has done with Seven Lions. And of course, we can’t forget the radiant vocals by Nevve, a female EDM vocalist who I spotlighted in an earlier post.

All in all, ‘Islands’ proves to be a powerful collaboration and will undoubtedly be a festival pleaser from here on out. Listen below:

i_o – ‘404 Anonymous’

EDM’s very own hackerman released two new tracks this week which were included in Mau5trap’s big compilation series release We Are Friends, Vol. 8. The fresh techno producer and DJ known as i_o is rising the ranks after being signed to Deadmau5’s record label last year. I_o is determined to make you love techno again, and for me personally, he has succeeded.

Out of the two new tracks he released late this week, ‘404 Anonymous’ is my favorite. The other is a remix of ‘Imaginary Friends’ by Deadmau5 himself. Coming in at runtime of four minutes and four seconds (4:04), i_o’s newest track is fast-paced and full of techno-y synths, sure to make you feel like you’re surfing the virtual highway of a digital metropolis.

Listen to i_o’s new track below and be sure to listen to his Deadmau5 remix while you’re at it.

Luxide – ‘Mobius Strip’

I covered the mysterious Luxide last week when they released their remix of aforementioned SWARM’s track ‘Take Me To Hell’. Luxide is back with a new original track titled ‘Mobius Strip’. This new original marks the third ever release on their Soundcloud and is part of a growing collection of songs under a project titled Prototype. On Twitter, Luxide noted that ‘Mobius Strip’ is song number two out of seven that will appear on Prototype altogether.

‘Mobius Strip’ is a dark-toned mid-tempo track with some well-placed breathy vocal sample in the gaps between bass hits. It carries with it the same exciting and somewhat shrill energy that his SWARM remix does. Paired with the only other original, ‘Soul Depository’, this new track follows a similar trippy, bouncy, and dark vibe that I’m hoping will define the rest of Prototype.

Luxide’s first original was posted almost exactly a month before this new one, so I’m wondering if the next original will follow the same monthly schedule. Until then, listen to ‘Mobius Strip’ below. Once again, I’ll be keeping tabs on this new and mysterious talent.

AOSOON – ‘Under’ (Adventure Club Remix)

Another New Year’s day release came from the legendary EDM superheroes Christian Srigley and Leighton James, a.k.a. Adventure Club. Anyone who’s attended Adventure Club’s live shows over the past years may already recognize this song. The release of their remix of ‘Under’ by AOSOON was actually a long time coming, and with this, the duo announced that there’s even more where that came from:

Over the next couple weeks we will be releasing some tracks/remixes that we were never going to release, but we love them too much not to share!

This ‘Under’ remix is a classic Adventure Club tune. Everything from the choppy vocal edits, to the slow build and signature melodic drop, to the song choice itself, just screams old school Adventure Club; it’s a very nostalgic song. I’ve never heard the original song, nor have I heard of AOSOON prior to this, but the vocals are incredible, and it’s no surprise that Adventure Club chose to remix this. They’ve always had an ear for the best female vocalists.

Sit back and enjoy the classic sound of Adventure Club, and stay tuned for their future releases, which have a good chance of ending up on my weekly posts!

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