Top 5 EDM Song Releases This Week (1/6 – 1/12)

This is a round-up of EDM songs released over the past week that in my opinion are worthy of spotlighting!

Post Malone – ‘Wow!’ (Luca Lush x Bishu remix)

Blue-haired Luca Lush teamed up with pink-haired Bishu to create a mind-bender of a remix of Post Malone’s recent hit single ‘WoW!’. The colorful duo released this complete banger at the beginning of the week and it only took one listen for me to throw this song onto my list of top 5 releases.

“Wow” is exactly what I said to myself in the middle of this remix’s heavy trap drop. The drop itself is kind of a two-part surprise, with the second half introducing some insane metallic-sounding wobbles that add just a little more excitement to the mix. Luca Lush is no stranger to remixing popular hip-hop songs. He has a long list of tributes including remixes of Lil Uzi, Lil Pump, G-Eazy, and Drake, to name some of my favorites by him. “Wow!” is now up there as one of my favorite Luca Lush remixes, and it has opened my eyes to Bishu as well.

Luca Lush is currently on tour and he’s even bringing Bishu with him to certain locations. Listen to their remix of “Wow!” below:

Skrillex (feat. Ellie Goulding) – ‘Summit’ (ATLAST Remix)

I love it when artists bring old classics back from the dead and rework them using modern trends. In this case, LA producer ATLAST resurrected the classic Skrillex luvstep tune ‘Summit’, remolding it into a melodic mid-tempo dubstep song that is equal parts nostalgia and future.

Like all good remixes, ATLAST manages to retain the soul of the original song — Skrillex and Ellie Goulding’s vocals are intact, and the beautiful lead synth elements are still heard throughout. What ATLAST adds is a cocoon of deep and distorted chords that are characteristic of the mid-tempo sound several artists are using these days. The result is the original tone of ‘Summit’ wrapped in the glitchy, distorted sound of 2018-19. ATLAST also retains the melodic nature of the original using his own methods.

As someone who was introduced to dubstep through its more melodic side, it makes me very happy to hear the harder aspects of contemporary mid-tempo dubstep mixed in with the melodic. I hope to hear more songs like it going forward. Hear ATLAST’s expert reimagining of ‘Summit’ below:

Lana Del Rey – ‘Dark Paradise’ (Kaivon Remix)

Another excellent trap jam comes from Kaivon, an up-and-comer who has made waves through EDM lately with deep future bass originals and remixes. This week he released a massive remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Dark Paradise’. In it, Kaivon showcases his big sound through an upbeat, soul-infused trap song that goes a little bit harder than some of his previous work.

Kaivon’s ‘Dark Paradise’ remix begins with the original song’s dark and eerie tone before dropping into a heavy and slightly distorted cacophony of bass. The glitchy vocal repeats that are strewn throughout the drop only add to the spectacle of it all. In the end, it almost sounds like a metal and trap song fused together.

This is the perfect song to project loudly through your home speaker system if you’re into disturbing the peace a bit. Listen below:

straye – ‘demons’

Australian producer straye unleashed a chilled out song six-months in the making this week called ‘demons’. Featuring vocals from an unnamed singer, ‘demons’ is a dark, tastefully dreary tune that may force you to reflect upon your own inner demons.

Reminiscent of some of my favorite witch house tracks, ‘demons’ draws upon hip-hop beats and distorted melodies that — together with the emo lyrics — form a melancholic, “rainy day” soundscape. The entire second half of the song, I think, best encapsulates the vibe that straye is trying to convey.

Listening to more from straye’s Soundcloud catalog, I can tell he is adept at pushing that melancholic witch house sound that I love so much. More talented vocal features like the one in his newest song could really send his music soaring. Drift into the depths with ‘demons’ below:

Elohim – ‘Buckets’

On Wednesday, LA-based producer and singer/songwriter Elohim dropped her new song ‘Buckets’ under Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Co-produced by the label founder himself, ‘Buckets’ features grimy, experimental bass synths over punkish vocals by Elohim.

‘Buckets’ immediately steals your attention with eerie high-pitched notes that sound like some sort of string instrument played in reverse. Soon after, Elohim plugs in her hypnotic vocals with lyrics describing a renewed sense of hope after facing a crisis:

Suddenly I’m filled with hope
Today’s much better than the day before
Everything looks beautiful
After the rain, after the rain
My world’s in color now
My eyes get wide tryna take it in
Everything is good somehow
After the rain, after the rain

Out of nowhere, the beat drops into a distorted, hip-hop-influenced bassline with Elohim screaming aggressively over it all. The song develops into something reminiscent of a Soundcloud rap song. Once the initial bassline ends the melody flows into a relative calm before introducing some slightly more experimental dubstep wobbles. As Elohim continues yelling over the track, the beat constantly oscillates between those eerie, inverted string notes and heavy, distorted bass synths. Overall, ‘Buckets’ showcases some seriously awesome co-production between Skrillex and Elohim. Listen below:




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