Book Review – Golden Son (Red Rising, #2) by Pierce Brown

Rating: 5star

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Darrow continues his ‘meteoric rise’ through the ranks of the Society as author Pierce Brown expands the setting beyond the Mars Institute and into the wider interplanetary world of Red Rising.

Similar to the first book in the series, Golden Son is the same rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs that keeps me guessing at how our protagonist could possibly continue his crusade for revenge and domination among the god-like Golds. Just when you think things can’t possibly be worse, they are. And just when you think Darrow has nothing left in him, his cold determination and craftiness changes the current paradigm and thrusts the plot into higher levels. There is never a dull moment with how this story is paced.

The web of characters surrounding Darrow is the unpredictable element that leaves me surprised at every twist and turn. Friendships and loyalties old and new are marked by epic betrayals, constantly testing the themes of morality and trust when everyone around you seems to have ulterior motives. The stakes are astoundingly high; the fate of humanity is the endgame, and Darrow is not the only one with a cold determination to ascend above the elite. It is hard to foresee where the story ultimately leads.

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