Album Review – All Our Talks Are Silent by Jesse Munsat

Rating: 3star

After producing and performing live for a few other bands, Jesse Munsat finally decided to tackle is own work of art in the form of All Our Talks Are Silent. A native to Washington, D.C., the singer/songwriter and producer brings a contemporary sound that is relatable to just about anyone, but probably more so to people currently under the age of 30. The entire album was written and produced by 20-year-old Munsat himself. Prior to working on his solo project, he had mentored under high-profile pop writers John Ryan and Julian Bunetta.

All Our Talks Are Silent is largely a heartbreak album accentuated by moments of pure vulnerability and honesty. Munsat’s heart-on-sleeve style of singing is supported by smooth, urban beats that sometimes take on more pop-oriented flavors.

Munsat’s voice is arguably the most noteworthy element of his productions. His raw vocals are reminiscent of Chance The Rapper off of his Acid Rap album, but with a lyrical flow similar to Mac Miller’s at times.

Lyrics speak much about Munsat’s troubles with women over the years, which might seem overdone on this album if you’re not in a kind of self-pitying mood in regards to failed romances. There is a moment of reprieve with the final song on the album titled ‘Rich,’ however. For this song, Munsat goes full egotistic in the best way possible within the context of his previous songs. It’d be exciting to hear more songs like that from him in the future. Also, Munsat taps Mato Wayuhi on this one making him the only feature on the album. Wayuhi pairs well with Munsat thanks to his own raspy vocal cadence, although in more of a rap style.

‘Take Me Back’ — the second song on the album — starts with an insightful sample explaining the two-faced nature of a girl who can’t get what she wants. Once the sample ends you can hear Munsat punctuate it with a “hm,” suggesting that the sample reminds him of a specific someone. It’s very well-placed with all things considered. But ‘Take Me Back’ is also an R&B-tinged gem on its own, featuring atmospheric guitar and dreamy synthwork. This song seems to represent Munsat’s style the best.

Another standout song on the album is ‘Do You Love Me Or Not.’ Beginning with a soulful falsetto and funky guitar lead, Munsant eventually assumes his normal cadence before dropping right back into that falsetto for the next verse. Most notable is the last quarter of this song where he introduces quick lyrical stabs backed by a slight cacophony of percussive action.

While a bit depressing and sometimes repetitive in its over-arching theme (heartbreak), you have to respect Jesse Munsat’s expressive abilities and brave vulnerability. It’s pretty clear that he truly lived many of the scenarios presented in this album. He also stayed true to his unique singing style, but there were enough moments where he showed off some versatility. Hopefully Munsat’s multiple talents in singing, songwriting, and producing will allow for even more creative leaps in the future.

Listen to Jesse Munsat’s album ‘All Our Talks Are Silent’ below!


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