Book Review – The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials, #2) by Philip Pullman


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[Potential Spoilers Ahead]

The Subtle Knife properly expands the scope of His Dark Materials as we learn about the network of parallel universes that Lyra’s world is only one piece of. This heightened scope is mind-expanding in nature and I’m surprised it’s so easily digestible for kids just entering their teens. What is potentially most captivating about this series is what isn’t mentioned in the books. I’m constantly wanting to know more about the variety of different worlds alluded to outside of the events of the main story-line. I’m very compelled now to read all of the spin-offs to His Dark Materials, mainly The Book of Dust series.

Like I mentioned in my review of the first book, The Subtle Knife plays deeper on the themes of lost innocence set within a fantastical world where religious and scientific schools of thought are combined. Already knowing what’s to come, I found myself rooting for the growing connection between Lyra and Will. But speaking of the new young character Will, it sort of irked me that his role would become so dominant next to the main character Lyra. Is this series supposed to be more about Will or Lyra? Because at times it seemed like Will controlled the deeper plot more. The events all center around Lyra, but she often takes a backseat to Will’s desires. I may just have to accept that this is both Will and Lyra’s story in equal degree.

Evidently, I don’t remember as much about the contents of the story as I thought I did since the last time I read this series. Alongside a couple of surprises that caught me off guard in The Subtle Knife, I can’t seem to remember where exactly the plot goes from here, and how Will and Lyra’s actions play out. I suppose then that there is no better way to jump into the final book of the series!

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