Top 5 EDM Song Releases This Week [12/30 – 1/5]

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Review: SWARM – This Is The End (EP)

Winter is in full swing, the holidays are over, and a new year has begun. What better way to enter the cold, dark weeks ahead than to immerse yourself in the hellish heat of SWARM’s newest EP, This Is The End. Brandon Carroll, the mind behind SWARM, has a track record of uber dark mid-tempo productions set in nightmarish sonic environments. This Is The End represents a culmination of his dark vision into a cinematic and thematic body of work. Read more

Music Video: ‘Happier (ft. Bastille)’ – Marshmello

Marshmello is on a roll this month! Two weeks ago he released a video for ‘Flashback’, a song off his 2018 album Joytime II. Just last week he released a video for another Joytime II track, ‘Stars’. Today he released a video for the popular single featuring singer-songwriter Bastille titled, ‘Happier’.

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Live Show Review: Virtual Self – Utopia Tour

By now, many electronic music fans are probably aware of Porter Robinson’s latest project, Virtual Self. After shattering the foundation of EDM with the ‘Worlds’ tour, Porter Robinson is taking us further into his digital imaginings with his Virtual Self ‘Utopia’ tour. Virtual Self is a nostalgia-filled take on early 2000’s rave and Dance Dance Revolution music. He released a self-titled EP for Virtual Self at the end of November 2017. Porter Robinson continues with Japanese-style themes and animation that featured so prominently in ‘Worlds’.

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New Track Release [Posthumous]: Lil Peep & XXXTentacion – “Falling Down”

A new track was uploaded today on recently deceased rapper Lil Peep’s YouTube channel called “Falling Down”, which also features recently deceased rapper XXXTentacion. Since Lil Peep’s death via overdose in November 2017 and XXXTentacion’s death via homicide in June 2018, both artists have seen a steady stream of posthumous releases.

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5 Female EDM Vocalists You Need To Know

During the dawn of rave music, it was common for producers to sample vocalists from popular songs and integrate them into their own beat in creative ways. The rave scene of the late ’80s to the early ’90s put more focus on the beat, and any vocals were intentionally blended into the background so as not to stand out as much. But the rave scene has since matured and Electronic Dance Music has reached levels of popularity and production unheard of in the earlier days. While glitchy vocal samples and fully instrumental tracks are still common, these days have seen the rise of talented vocalists who specialize in offering their voices over EDM tracks. Some vocalists are extremely prolific and feature on some of the biggest EDM anthems of the decade. Unfortunately, it often seems that these prominent voices don’t always receive the spotlight they deserve. More importantly, since EDM is a male-dominated scene (which is definitely changing) it seems as though females, in particular, have had a harder time receiving recognition for their work. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent female vocalists who have most likely featured on a song you love.

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Album Review: Porter Robinson – ‘Worlds’

It’s been almost four years since Porter Robinson dropped his Worlds album and I still hear the ripples of its influence all across EDM today. In 2014, the then 21-year-old Porter Robinson switched the game up by abandoning his heavy-hitting DJ sets to instead chase video game and anime-infused nostalgia tunes. And to accompany his album, Porter Robinson’s vision for dance music was fully realized with his Worlds live tour. This groundbreaking album and tour completely changed the tone of EDM, and many up-and-coming artists today have found inspiration from the young producer.

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