New Music Video: ‘Spotlight’ – Marshmello x Lil Peep

Everyone’s favorite Marshmello just released a new video for the posthumously released song ‘Spotlight’ featuring the recently deceased Lil Peep. The video is practically a direct translation of the song’s lyrics which describe bitter feelings of jealousy, resentment, and nostalgia after a relationship has ended. It also acts as a tribute to Lil Peep and features symbolism strewn throughout the scenes.

‘Spotlight’ begins in a 50’s themed, neon-lit diner. The character of focus is a young, green-haired female (played by Lulo) sitting alone in the diner when suddenly her ex-boyfriend walks in; he is accompanied by friends and what looks to be a new girlfriend. The green-haired female acts as a stand-in to Lil Peep as she actually experiences the torment of seeing an ex in public who has apparently betrayed her in some way. During these early scenes we also see the first set of symbols, such as the name of the diner which is Crybaby, the same word Lil Peep was known to have tattooed over his eyebrow. Marshmello’s smiley face logo can also be seen in various places. The green-haired female eventually leaves the diner and hops on her motorcycle. As she’s cruising the open road the video pans over the night sky where we can suddenly see constellations light up in the shape of more of Lil Peep’s most notable tattoos. At home, the green-haired female can be seen contemplating her past relationship with the guy in the diner. A plan begins the form, and soon after she heads back to the diner. When she arrives however, the diner is in disarray. The customers and workers have left save for a few stragglers. The place was robbed — most likely by the green-haired females ex and his friends. Regardless, she uses this as an opportunity to lay her past relationship to rest.

Lil Peep died in mid-November 2017 after an alleged drug overdose while on tour in Arizona. Since then dozens of tributes have been made to honor the young rapper. Lil Peep recorded many unreleased tracks with various artists, but very few have been released out of respect for the dead. Marshmello however was urged by Lil Peep’s mother to release the song ‘Spotlight’ which they created together a few weeks before Lil Peep’s death. The song itself sounds somewhat incomplete, but Marshmello was able to at least make it catchy and listenable.

Watch the video for ‘Spotlight’ below:

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