Welcome to the homepage of freelance Content Writer Jovaughn Brown. Here you will find a breakdown of his specializations as well as preferred contact methods and a short bio below.

Technology Content Writer:

Coming from a technical IT background has given Jovaughn an edge in understanding cutting-edge technologies and the fundamentals underpinning them. Writing about technology is a natural extension of his aptitudes in problem-solving and conceptual thinking. Contact Jovaughn if you are looking for product reviews, news, and think-pieces related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, virtual reality, video games, and consumer electronics.


Published Work:

CBD / Cannabis Content Writer:

Jovaughn has used his extensive knowledge and research abilities to produce and sell several articles relating to the booming cannabis industry. Contact Jovaughn if you are interested in product descriptions, reviews, news, and educational pieces related to cannabis or CBD.

Published Work:


Music Content Writer:

Jovaughn has a deep passion for music; particularly for the popular music genre known as Electronic Dance Music (EDM). He has written countless articles detailing new releases and has written analytical pieces breaking down and reviewing popular releases and live shows.


Published Work:


More About

Jovaughn Brown grew up in the mountainous, lushly vegetated region of North America known as the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys many of the outdoorsy things most Pacific Northwesterners do, such as hiking, snowboarding, camping, and just being an all-around nature lover. But first and foremost, Jovaughn’s true passions can be found in all of the things he writes about on this blog, which include topics ranging from science to travel, and to art in its many forms.


After backpacking through Southeast Asia for two months and journaling the entire trip, Jovaughn realized that his strength is in writing, and he now wants to make a living doing just that. As of now, Jovaughn is accepting clients as a freelance Content Writer. In his free time, he has studied creative writing, SEO and digital marketing techniques. He has already completed freelance work through various online portals and can show examples of his published work upon request. Contact Jovaughn below:

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