What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for businesses and publishers to promote products and earn a commission on sales made through custom links. These links may be placed in a blog post, YouTube video description, or other content, and contain a tracking code that associates them with the publisher. If someone buys a product through one of these links, the publisher receives a small commission.

Affiliate marketers, also known as brand ambassadors, partners, or referrals, use this method to monetize their websites and support the products they believe in.

On Digital Zen (and our sister sites), we may use affiliate marketing links as a potential revenue stream for the site. When a post contains affiliate marketing links, we will include a disclaimer at the beginning of the post that reads, “This article contains affiliate marketing links.” Our goal is always to promote products that we use or have a genuine interest in, and we strive to provide honest and unbiased reviews and recommendations.

New Song/Video: ‘Church’ – Alison Wonderland

Alex Sholler a.k.a. Alison Wonderland is back from her happy place to deliver another single from her highly anticipated album Awake. And to accompany the new song, Alex has simultaneously released a video for as well.

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New Music Video: ‘The Tide’ – Pale Waves

The up-and-coming English Indie-rock band Pale Waves has just released their 5th music video in a single year; this one is for their track titled, ‘The Tide’. The new video takes a slightly different approach than the others by being the only one to feature footage from live shows and miscellaneous tour moments.

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New Music Video: ‘We Were Here’ – Lights

The multi-talented Canadian artist Valerie Anne Poxleitner — a.k.a. Lights — has released a new video for her song ‘We Were Here’ off her newest album Skin&Earth. This makes ‘We Were Here’ the 5th track on the record to receive a video.

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A Return to Nature Through Technology

Featured Image Source: http://corrupttitan.deviantart.com/art/Technology-and-Nature-Duality-569324631


Determining what is considered “natural” is important in solving many ethical dilemmas we face today, namely those surrounding urbanization and technology. We constantly hear talk of how unnatural and cancerous human civilization is, or that we as humans need to “return to nature.” New techniques in medical and biological sciences, like with genetic engineering, commonly illicit negative responses from people claiming them to go against nature. Likewise, urbanization is slowly eradicating forest land via deforestation and city expansion; wild animals are seen roaming urban landscapes as they try adapting to new homes. Industry lays concrete over green fields and carves out mountains for the purpose of resource gathering. Some may wonder if one day the entire planet will be covered in concrete and metal, like the fictional world of Trantor in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Humans also tend to engineer synthetic chemicals that will sometimes pollute our air and poison our drinking water.

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‘Lost’ – my thoughts so far

I know I’m over a decade late, but I’ve recently started binge-watching the hit TV series ‘Lost’ on Netflix. Prior to beginning this enigmatic show, I was already aware of its critical acclaim and had a basic idea of its premise. I knew it was created by J.J. Abrams which added some credibility to me. I’m a pretty big fan of a lot of his subsequent works. Multiple people recommended it to me, but I used to have an aversion towards watching shows that everyone in the world seemed to like. It’s an aversion that I think came from a disdain with popular culture and mainstream multi-media. My aversion towards pop culture slowly dissipated as I got older, less close-minded and realized that the reason why certain shows become critically acclaimed is because they’re actually good! So my tipping point towards watching ‘Lost’ was when my girlfriend who used to watch the show with her dad insisted that I at least watch the first episode. Needless to say I am now hooked.

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