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I was recently asked to write several articles for They gave me topics to write about based on the specific interests that I gave them. Below are the published articles that I ended up writing.

Stop calling black people ‘white-washed’

I grew up a black kid in a predominately white city in southern Washington state. While I thought nothing of this during elementary school, it started becoming an issue throughout middle school and high school, and still carries over to a small degree today. The issue was that my peers believed I was “white-washed”, a term often used to describe a person of color who “acts white”. Because it was clearly used as a derogatory term against me, it instilled insecurity that wouldn’t go away until I became an adult and understood just how ridiculous and wrong the term was to begin with. It led me at first to try really hard to fit the black stereotype, then midway through high school it caused me to completely denounce just about anything I felt associated with the black stereotype. I behaved like someone who was confused about who they were. I adopted a new clothing style every year and explored new music genres. It interfered with who I believed to be my friends and it inhibited my performance in both sports and academia. My desire to simultaneously fit and avoid my stereotype left me with a scattered sense of self. Although I greatly despised some of my peers, I don’t necessarily blame them for causing my distress. I think they were simply conditioned by society in the same way I was, and I didn’t at the time possess the presence of mind to see through it. Now my opinions have matured and I can finally articulate what exactly I intuitively felt was wrong with the term “white-washed” in the first place.

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‘Lost’ – my thoughts so far

I know I’m over a decade late, but I’ve recently started binge-watching the hit TV series ‘Lost’ on Netflix. Prior to beginning this enigmatic show, I was already aware of its critical acclaim and had a basic idea of its premise. I knew it was created by J.J. Abrams which added some credibility to me. I’m a pretty big fan of a lot of his subsequent works. Multiple people recommended it to me, but I used to have an aversion towards watching shows that everyone in the world seemed to like. It’s an aversion that I think came from a disdain with popular culture and mainstream multi-media. My aversion towards pop culture slowly dissipated as I got older, less close-minded and realized that the reason why certain shows become critically acclaimed is because they’re actually good! So my tipping point towards watching ‘Lost’ was when my girlfriend who used to watch the show with her dad insisted that I at least watch the first episode. Needless to say I am now hooked.

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