Who is Nevve? Mystery solved (mostly)

The mystery surrounding the prolific EDM vocalist Nevve has reached critical mass. Fans everywhere have noticed her distinct vocals and appearance on some of the most popular EDM songs of the last few years. When seeking Nevve out over social media, however, they are frequently met with profiles empty of content and vague theories on forums. So, who is Nevve?

Diligent internet users on Reddit proposed theories awhile ago suggesting that “she” is actually a “they,” or in other words, that Nevve is actually some sort of collective. Well, it turns out they were right.

As of 2019, it has been confirmed that Nevve is an LA-based collective of singers and songwriters. While the songwriters have remained the same, the singers have recently rotated.

The first singer; the one who has captured the attention of many fans, is known as Keeley Bumford.

keeley bumford

Keeley Bumford is an extremely talented singer and voice actor who has been involved in many projects, including voice acting in the Bayonetta 2 video game, as well as lead singer for her band Dresage. From 2016 to 2019 she was the sole voice behind Nevve, but she has since started sharing the torch with two other singers. Bumford’s latest release as Nevve was in Flux Pavilion’s ‘Lion’s Cage’. It’s not entirely clear if she will feature in any future Nevve releases, but she can still be found singing for her bands Dresage and More Giraffes.

Listen to this playlist to become familiar with the Nevve that Keely Bumford brought to life.

Below is a video of Bumford performing a live session with Dresage:

The new Nevve singers being credited for post-2019 features are Lindsay Vinarsky (left) and Michelle Buzz (right).

Lindsay Vinarsky’s first Nevve appearance was for the 2019 song ‘Freefall’ by Ferry Corsten. More recently she was the Nevve singer in Aero Chord’s ‘Take Me Home’. She also has several songs under the alias Elle Vee. Vinarsky has been active in the music scene for over a decade. A full bio of her can be found here.

Michelle Buzz’s Nevve debut was for the song ‘Another Day’ by Dabin and Inukshuk. This song is also the first track on Dabin’s latest album Wild Youth, released March 22nd, 2019. Michelle Buzz has an older song with Unlike Pluto called ‘Show Me Love’ too which will give you an idea of her vocal style.

And finally, the two songwriters who have been receiving credit for all of Nevve’s releases are William Rappaport and Henri Lanz, who go by GoodWill and MGI respectively. They consider themselves a songwriting duo and have written songs for high profile names like Pitbull, Justin Bieber, Akon, and more. 

So, thanks mostly to the efforts being put forth by the Monstercat fandom wiki community, you now have a pretty good idea of what Nevve is, rather than who. It’s safe to say that Keeley Bumford is the main reason everyone is so interested in Nevve, but it will be interesting to see how the new singers take control of its new direction. It’s still not clear the exact origins of the group or what their ultimate plan is, but more information may come soon, so keep an eye on the Monstercat wiki linked above. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see a project like this make waves in the EDM scene.

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